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Effect from lamination of eyelashes approximately same, as well as from building or a biowave. Why then women choose this procedure? It is all about the natural components which are used at lamination. Because all chemical preparations, what effect from them smart would not be, all the same harm to structure of hair, and also can provoke an allergy.

The lamination purpose – to make the thin eyelashes long, correctly curved, and is achieved these objectives thanks to the keratin containing in a preparation, by the way, this procedure often call also “keratin lamination of eyelashes”. It is necessary to do it only in salons and only at professionals. Because very often under the guise of lamination do to clients a usual biowave. Such it is possible at dishonest masters if they see that the client came to procedure the first time. Therefore Mirsovetov recommends to visit only the salons having the license for carrying out similar manipulations.

Procedure takes about an hour. And after it it is possible to rise and go to go about the own business, no recovery period is present. The only recommendation – not to wash an eye within a day.