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We customise and tailor your eyelash extensions to suit you. We use high quality lashes for that longer lasting look and we customise based on lash length, thickness and curl. Contact us for a no obligation free consultation!

Classic full set

For every day wear – a full set of eyelash extensions means you have gorgeous long lashes all the time! Full and lustrous but not as thick as the glam set.

Silk / Faux Mink

Eyelash extensions are applied only to the outer corners (approx 2/3) of the eyes, for a beautiful subtle enhancement. This type of lash extension is popular with people who already have reasonably dark or thick lashes and are looking for some extra sparkle. Great with an eyelash tint.

Volume Silk

Ideal for weddings, special occasions or for those with thicker lashes or who just love eyelash extensions! A more dramatic volume effect and slightly longer lasting lashes are achieved with a glamour set as they are a mixture of silk and faux-mink. As soft and flexible as real fur – yet completely furry-creature-free and hypoallergenic, our mink lashes are absolutely stunning. Finer than silk and softer than synthetic, more lashes are applied for a beautiful voluminous yet soft and natural look.